Sentillion Launches Virtual Desktop Printer Software

Sentillion vBusiness has released its Secure Local Printing print driver software, allowing vThere virtual desktop users to print securely from within the enterprise or at home.

Sentillion vBusiness announced May 10 that it has released its Secure Local Printing print driver software, a free add-on to its virtual desktop platform that helps business users print securely from inside the virtual desktop either at the office or at home.

In most businesses, an administrator manages the print driver software. Sentillions SLP, however, allows non-administrators to use the software, as the user is able to select which of the hosts printer they wish to print to.

"With vThere, we have radically simplified the capability from both an IT and end-user perspective to securely print from within a virtual desktop," David Fusari, chief technology officer of Sentillion vBusiness, said in a company statement.

vThere virtual desktop uses virtualization technology to separate a users home working network from the corporate network. It is composed of three elements: The image creator develops distributable vThere images, which consists of software and configuration settings such as virus protection software and Windows operating system; a Web site that controls activation information and user configuration profiles; and vThere player, which secures and monitors the users vThere image.

With the new printer driver software from Sentillion, which is based in Andover, Mass., vThere users will not have to download or install any additional drivers as SLP supports a majority of printers. SLP also provides users with a secure communication channel between the image and host network, eliminating the need to use or set up USB devices and print drivers.

SLP enables IT workers to include the printer driver software when configuring system settings as well as the ability to provide users with local printing functionalities.

"Not having to download or install any drivers makes it easy for both the business user and the IT department," Paul Roscoe, president of Sentillion vBusiness, told eWEEK.

Sentillions SLP printer driver software is available now for download and is included as part of vTheres standard pricing, which is $125 per user.


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