Small Business Gets More Attention, Resources from Dell

Dell has launched a new online resource center that offers advice on how to start a business and information on new products and platforms.

Dell announced Jan. 16 that it has launched a new online resource geared toward small businesses, offering advice on how to start, run, build and maintain a company.

The new Web site from Dell, Small Business 360, is an advice-based portal that offers users "how-to" guides, success stories, community forums and links to Dell news, Dell RSS feeds and offers on Dell products.

"We want to share the wealth of knowledge that we have about how technology can help small businesses to those that have little to no IT resources," Jennifer Davis, spokesperson for Dell, told eWEEK.

Other companies, such as Hewlett-Packard and Gateway have online resource centers designed for small businesses where users can get information on new desktops and notebooks, mobile platforms and online courses.

Unlike HP and Gateway, however, Dells Small Business 360 will let users search and access industry-specific technology information, such as information for the accounting, finance, law, real estate, retail and architecture and construction industries.

"Small Business 360 will show different industries how technology can help their business," Davis said. "This online resource center features articles that explain how businesses can use technology to their advantage and also explains how certain technology functions such as storage or security can help their company."

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Within the new online resource center from Dell is Studio Dell, a digital media network that shows informative videos on a wide range of technology topics as well as user experience, while also delivering content designed for the home user, small business user and IT professional.

"Studio Dell will help small businesses to be more efficient by sharing the latest technologies, trends, tips and customer stories that will show how businesses use different technologies to be successful," Davis said.

Small Business 360 will also provide users with information regarding upcoming product releases and upgrades so that they can stay up to date on Dells newest small business offerings and product upgrades.

The Small Business 360 online resource center is available to use now and is free.

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