Sony Vaio Red Edition Notebooks Start at $2,000

The notebooks feature up to Intel Core i7 fourth-generation processors, 12GB memory, 512GB storage and Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system.

Consumer electronics manufacturer Sony is aiming for the high end of the notebook market space with a special edition of its Vaio Duo, Pro and Fit models in a striking red color. The cheapest of the bunch, the Vaio Fit 15 model, is available starting at $1,999.99.

Available exclusively through Sony’s retail stores and online through the company’s Website, the Vaio Pro 13 model is available for $2,599.99 while the Vaio Duo 13 costs an eye-popping $2,999.99. All the models include standard Sony features such as a full-size backlit and full-pitch keyboard, track pad and instant PC resume technology.

The Vaio Pro 13 touch-screen Ultrabook includes a high speed PCIe solid state drive (SSD), allowing for faster performance than traditional SSD drives. The Vaio Fit 15 offers a hybrid hard drive and an optical drive that reads and writes Blu-ray disc media. The Duo 13 is encased in carbon fiber and transforms between a touch-screen slate and a conventional notebook.

The newly engineered Surf Slider design features a slimmer hinge, allowing for the transition between tablet and notebook modes. With one hand, users can slide the screen back to reveal a full-size backlit keyboard and track pad. Returning the Duo 13 to its original position lets users interact with the device in tablet mode by touch or with the pressure-sensitive digitizer stylus.

The notebooks feature up to Intel Core i7 fourth-generation processors, 12GB memory and 512GB storage, Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system and ArtRage Studio (the Vaio Duo includes ArtRage Studio Pro) digital arts software. For those who want to try their hand at video creation, all models within the red edition line include Vaio Movie Creator.

The signature red finish was achieved by a variety of painting techniques on different materials, including carbon fiber and aluminum. Multiple paint layers were individually applied and hand-polished, building layer upon layer of rich color. To give it that extra glossy finish, a durable protective UV coating was applied.

"Sony has a tradition of designing products built on passion and innovation," said Pedro LaFarga, senior vice president of Sony’s Vaio and networked products division. "The new Vaio red edition is the ultimate in superior PC technology and ensures Vaio users truly experience a level of quality that exceeds expectations. Nothing matches the inspiring look and sheer presence of Sony Vaio Red."

All models come with a one-year standard warranty and the company is also including one year of protection against accidental damage from handling. On top of that, users can also press the Assist button to launch Vaio Care software, which allows users to install new software and drivers, identify and troubleshoot issues, create restore and recovery media, and connect with a Sony expert over the phone, through chat or online.