Spreading the Holiday Cheer

Opinion: The OLPC's Give One Get One program helps donors and recipients alike.

The holiday season is finally here (though based on some of my neighbors' decorations its actually been here for several weeks now) and for most of us this means it is now time to think about giving and receiving gifts.

Maybe you have some cool new technology gadget that you're hoping to get from a loved one. Or perhaps you'll be heading out to the mall yourself to purchase some presents for the important people in your life.

But while exchanging presents for the holidays between family and friends is a key part of the holidays, there are other ways that many of us can get into the spirit of the holidays, do something good for someone else, and actually still engage in the classic holiday practice of giving and getting. And oh yeah, it will involve one of the most innovative and talked about pieces of technologies launched this year.

How could you do this?

Well one idea for those who love technology and want to also help spread the benefits of technology is to participate in the One Laptop Per Child project's Give One Get One program. The way this program works is that you pay $399 to receive a brand new XO laptop (which has been called by some, OK me, the most innovative laptop seen in years), and along with getting an XO, presumably for a child in your life, you will also be paying for a second XO laptop that will be sent to a child in a developing country.

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