Suggestions for Last-Minute Holiday IT Gifts

PRODUCT REVIEWS: Here are three ideas for last-minute gifts in case you find yourself up against the Christmas deadline.


Need a few suggestions for last-minute IT-related gifts for Christmas? Happens to all of us at one time or another. We’ve got a few ideas here for you today, all highly recommended by eWEEK.

Mixcder Wireless Headphones

($39.99 for limited time)

Product Description:  Mixcder E7 Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth over-the-ear hi-fi stereo headphones with deep bass and built-in microphone.

These over-the-ear headphones have moved 692 of their owners to write reviews of the product on, and the average rating of 4 out of 5 stars is excellent. Very few people I know ever rate something a perfect 5—even if it’s one of those wonderful burgers from The Habit or Shake Shack or chocolate bars from Ghirardelli.

So I am hardly alone in declaring that these wireless headphones are the now the finest ones I’ve ever tested—and I have similar (though a few years older) from Bose, Sony and Samsung.

The Mixcder E7 is lightweight, but not overly so. It appears as though the plastic has been upgraded to be much stronger than it was previously. A few earlier product reviews lauded the sound quality (especially the bass) but noted that the chassis was a bit fragile. I think that bug has been fixed.

The controls are on the side of the earphone, so if you’re listening to music or television in bed and happen to roll over, there is no danger of turning the volume up or down accidentally.

The Mixcder E7 employs active noise canceling technology that continuously detects and reacts to outside noises, analyzing sound waves and blocking out ambient sound by creating inverse waves for an immersive experience for beautiful music and sound. I can vouch for this description; you really think you’re alone with the music when these are in operation.

eWEEK says the price is right and to check this one out.

Here’s a timely bonus: MIXCDER is pricing the E7 at $39.99  (standard price is $59.99) through Dec. 25 with coupon codes; Amazon coupon code: MIXCDER7; Mixcder coupon code: NBNQFFQZ

Datalocker Sentry K300 Encrypted
Keypad Micro SSD Drive

($166.00 for 16GB)


Product Description: Not all of your data will be kept in a laptop, smartphone, the cloud or a corporate server. Sometimes it’s important that you physically have documents or images in a secure memory device in your pocket or backpack. Use cases differ, but it’s a good idea to have something secure you can depend upon when this need arises.

The Datalocker Sentry K300 256-bit USB stick is a handy instrument for storing and securing important files. It can hold a lot (from 8GB up to 256GB) and is easy to use. The Sentry K300 is the only platform independent, keypad, micro SSD to incorporate an OLED display to enable advanced security features. The display supports true alpha-numeric password based authentication and a full featured on-board menu system. Datalocker claims that the K300 is the only storage device with full support for alpha and numeric characters. Users can utilize the visual, menu-driven system to change passwords, set password policy and enable other security features without ever consulting a manual.

The Sentry K300 is cross-platform compatible and OS agnostic and no software or special drivers are required to use it. The K300 works with Windows, Linux, Mac, Android phones and tablets, Chromebooks and embedded systems – any system that can utilize USB mass storage. Since the K300 also has its own power supply, the device can be used as a bootable device running Windows to Go, Ubuntu Linux, or local operating system. Sentry K300 is also available as a SafeConsole Ready device.

Key features at a glance:

  • Supports true alpha-numeric for strong passwords
  • High speed uSSD SATA III memory
  • User and admin roles
  • Read-only mode
  • Admin configurable password policy
  • Brute Force Hack Defense
  • Rapid secure wipe
  • Auto-Lock Feature

Here’s a spec sheet (PDF format) and where to buy it. eWEEK says check it out.

Udoq 400 Charging Station



Product Description: This is a sturdy, aluminum-framed universal docking station for all types of mobile devices, and you can charge as many as eight devices at once, depending on their sizes.

How cool is it that if you have one of these, that you, your family and guests don’t have to search around for wallplugs when they need their devices charged up? That’s one common hassle you can do away with when you deploy one of these units.

The sleek-looking docking station comes with a Lightning cable and measures 19.7 × 5.31 × 5.31 inches and weighs 50.6 oz. You can charge a slew of devices, including tablets, smartphones of all kinds and other devices, such as music players or e-readers. The exchangeable connectors enable side-by-side docking, and you can adjust the connectors to fit bumpers and protective cases.

Users can view and operate all displays and dock them all using one hand if necessary. The Udoq is compatible with all iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian, Blackberry, Acer, Alcatel, Huawei, Kindle, Kobo, Lenovo, Sony, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and other manufacturers’ devices.

Here is the Amazon product listing. eWEEK says check it out.

eWEEK will have a few more gift suggestions Dec. 18.

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