Survey Questions APP Reliability

A survey finds about 88 percent availability for existing Java-based production applications.

Despite a strong commitment among enterprises that are developing applications around J2EE, those organizations are averaging only about 88 percent availability for existing Java-based production applications, according to the results of a new survey commissioned by Wily Technology.

The Java application management provider detailed the findings of the study last week. The survey looked at the performance and availability experiences of organizations deploying J2EE Web applications.

The survey, hosted on Wily Technologys Web site, pulled in responses from a self-selected group of 360 enterprises representing 16 industries and 43 countries and equally divided between large and small organizations, according to Mike Malloy, vice president of marketing at Wily Technology.

An average availability of 88 percent is "the equivalent of having an application down one day a week," said Malloy. The survey showed that half the organizations in the survey experienced less than 96 percent availability for their J2EE applications, which is nearly 7 hours of downtime per week.