Taking Business to the Cloud? HP Unveils New All-in-One Zero Client

Powered by Teradici and compatible with VMware and Amazon virtual workspace environments, the new zero client enables more functionality and better security for users, HPI said.


A lot of people don’t think about or realize this, but both the thin/zero-client computer sector and Hewlett-Packard Inc.’s involvement in it are non-trivial market components. There are still a large number of enterprises that utilize hard drive-less PC terminals running on centralized IT systems in verticals all over the globe, and HPI continues to be a key supplier, along with competitors  Dell EMC Wyse, IGEL and Citrix.

Despite the many similarities between thin and zero clients, there are a few key differences. Thin clients typically use a minimalist operating system such as Linux or Windows Embedded. In contrast, zero clients use an onboard processor designed to handle a protocol such as Microsoft RDP, VMware PCoIP, SPICE--which Red Hat has released under an open source license--or Citrix HDX.

For the zero-client market, HPI on Jan. 3 unveiled its first narrow-bezel HP t310 G2 All-in-One unit with what it calls “seamless visuals, improved ergonomics and maximum data security.”

It's considered "all-in-one" because the connector unit is contained inside the monitor shell; most zero/thin-clients have the units separated or the connector simply attached to the back of the monitor.

Powered by Teradici and compatible with VMware and Amazon virtual workspace environments, the new zero client enables more functionality and better security for users than previous versions, the company said.

The G2 All-in-One features a virtually borderless full HD display; users also can deploy one or more monitors to create a seamless and aesthetically attractive workspace. The unit’s stand can be adjusted up, down, tilted, swiveled or rotated to support landscape and portrait mode, so users can customize their workspace to meet their own needs.

Additional features include:

  • Visual experience: Features a 23.8-inch diagonal Full HD (1920x1080) IPS display with a wide-viewing angle and sharp, detail-rich reproduction.
  • Multi-display setup: DisplayPort makes attaching a second display simple and fast.
  • Work-friendly design:  Fanless design with thermal controls.
  • Performance: The high-performance Tera2 PCoIP zero-client processor delivers full frame-rate 3D graphics and high-definition media, even over high-latency networks.
  • Teradici Desktop Access: Users can manage the zero client with a one-year subscription to Teradici Desktop Access, which is included with the purchase of each new HP t310 Zero Client.

The HP t310 G2 All-in-One Zero Client is available now starting at $529. Go here for more information.

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