The All-in-One Desktop Lives on at Asus with New Vivo AiO V272, V222

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The All-in-One Desktop Lives on at Asus with New Vivo AiO V272, V222

PC and peripheral manufacturer Asus made its presence felt at CES 2018 with the announcement of notebooks, desktops and a new mixed reality headset. But it was the company’s new line of all-in-one desktop Windows 10 PCs that got the most attention. The first, the Vivo AiO V272, is a 27-inch all-in-one that runs on Intel’s 8th generation Core i7 processor and boasts a touch screen. The smaller of the two, the Vivo AiO V222, has a 22-inch edge-to-edge display and a “frameless” design. Asus said that besides serving as standalone PCs, both units have enough data storage capacity to serve as a “personal cloud storage center.”

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Two Desktops Lead the Asus CES Product Lineup

The Vivo AiO V272, a typical all-in-one desktop with a big screen and a plenty of processing power. The Vivo AiO V222, is the smaller of the two, but comes with a streamlined design. At first glance, the V272 might be better-suited for corporate users, while the V222 could appeal most to consumers.

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Vivo AiO V272 Packs Intel Core i7 Processor

Asus announced that its Vivo AiO will come with Intel’s 8th generation Core i7 processor and Nvidia’s GeForce MX150 graphics chip. Asus didn’t specify the CPU or GPU for the V222. 

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Vivo AiO V272 Has Plenty of Screen Real Estate

Asus’ Vivo V272 has a 27-inch screen that supports multi-touch and has a 100 percent sRGB color gamut to accurately display colors. Asus also said that the screen offers a 178-degree viewing angle to enable more than one user to interact with the display at the same time.

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Vivo AiO V222 Includes 22-Inch Display

The Vivo V222 might not offer the same impressive visuals as the V272. Instead, the V222 comes with a 22-inch screen that doesn’t offer touch control. Asus said that the display will offer full-HD resolution, but stopped short of detailing critical features, including its color accuracy.

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V222 Screen Has a ‘Frameless Design’

The V222’s display comes with what Asus calls a “frameless” design that almost entirely eliminates Bezels. The feature ultimately reduces the size of the V222 display without sacrificing the viewable screen area.

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These Are Windows 10 Machines

Both of these all-in-one desktops will run on Windows 10. The company hasn’t disclosed whether buyers will have the option to buy Windows 10 Pro or Home versions, but promised full support for the Cortana voice activated digital assistant.

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ZenAnywhere App

Like many other PC makers, Asus ships its products with its own software applications and utilities that have become widely known as unwanted and unvalued bloatware. However, Asus suggests in its product announcement that users might actually value its included ZenAnywhere app that allows users to remotely access their computers from afar to access files and open applications.

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Asus Pitches These PCs as a ‘Personal Cloud Storage Center’

Asus said that these computers could—and perhaps, should—be used as a “personal cloud storage center.” The V272 can be configured with as much as 2TB of storage while the V222 can have as much as 1 TB. With all that storage and remote accessibility through ZenAnywhere, Asus reasons these units could be used effectively as personal cloud storage servers.

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Asus Promises High-Quality Audio

Asus has long promoted its speakers in the computers it sells and the V272 and V222 are no exception. However, the V272 is the only model between them to come with the top of the line Asus SonicMaster audio system with bass reflex to enhance audio quality.

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Asus Is Holding Pricing Close to the Vest

Asus is keeping critical details on its release plans silent for the now. The company would only say that it’s planning to release these all-in-one computers in the North American market in the first half of 2018 and will disclose pricing at that time. 

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