The MacBook Pro Is Second to None

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The MacBook Pro Is Second to None

If there is any device that Apple offers that easily overshadows the competition, its the MacBook Pro. That computer ranges in screen size from 13 inches to 17 inches, and delivers some of the best specs in the mobile-computing market, including a nicely capable 2.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor. Plus, its hard not to notice how well-designed the models are, thanks to their aluminum finish. Simply put, no other competitor can match the MacBook Pro.

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The MacBook Air for Mobility

Featuring an extremely slim and lightweight design, the MacBook Air is arguably the best computer on the market for those who want to go mobile. Aside from a full-size keyboard, customers can choose between the 11-inch or the 13-inch versions of the Mac. If its mobility consumers are after, the MacBook Air is second to none.

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The Mac Pro Is a Workhorse

On the desktop side, its hard to find another computer that combines the same power and near-silent performance as the Mac Pro. That computer, the most-capable in Apples line, comes with up to two 6-core processors and 64GB of RAM. Customers can add in a RAID card, multiple hard drives and dual graphics cards. Along the way, they will find a computer that makes comparable systems from HP, Dell and even boutique vendors look awfully anemic.

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Snow Leopard Is a Winner

One of the best aspects of owning a Mac is having the ability to run Mac OS X Snow Leopard. The operating system is easy to use, lightweight enough for use on any Mac, and arguably more intuitive than Windows. For consumers, Snow Leopard is an ideal operating system. For enterprise customers, however, sticking with Windows for now is probably the best bet.

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Security Considerations

If there is anything that has hurt Microsofts standing in the PC space over the years, it has been security. The companys operating system has been the key gateway for malicious hackers and cyber-criminals around the world to steal sensitive information. Debate rages over whether Mac OS X is really safer than Windows or simply hasnt been tested by hackers as much, but so far, if one were to judge track records, Mac OS Xs looks much better. If its security that a customer is after, choosing a Mac might just be a better idea.

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Pricing Isn't as Bad as Some Think

Apple has always been targeted by critics who say that its products are overpriced. However, when one considers that the MacBook Air is available for as little as $999, and the iMac, Apples best family desktop, starts at $1,199, it quickly becomes clear that the company is more competitively priced than some believe. After all, comparably equipped computers from HP or Dell are approximately the same price (if not just a little cheaper) than Apples offerings.

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Don't Discount FaceTime

One of the smartest things Apple did was make FaceTime a key selling point in its iPhone and iPad. By doing that, the company was able to integrate the video-conferencing platform into its line of Macs and make it a bit easier for iPad and iPhone owners to choose its computers. If a consumer uses FaceTime often from the iPhone or iPad, choosing a Mac to keep that video chatting going might just be a good idea.

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Beware the Bloat

When consumers buy a computer from Dell or HP, they find all kinds of software, known as bloatware, preinstalled. When they boot up a Mac for the first time, however, thats not the case, since Apple doesnt deliver bloatware with Macs. That not only improves performance of the operating system, but it cuts down on consumer confusion over which products they should be using.

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Windows Is Still Available

When a consumer or enterprise customer buys a Windows PC, they cant run legitimate copies of Mac OS X on the device. However, with the help of Boot Camp, users can run both Windows and Mac OS X on a Mac. Virtualization software, such as Parallels or VMware Fusion, is also available. If a customer wants to run both major operating systems, choosing the Mac is the best bet.

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The Mac App Store

Reports claim Microsoft will be launching an application store for Windows 8 when that operating system launches next year. Until then, however, Windows wont feature an application marketplace. Mac OS X Snow Leopard comes with the Mac App Store, and Mac OS X Lion, the next version of Mac OS X, will ship with access to it, as well. The Mac App Store comes with all kinds of applications—both simple and full-featured—that enhance the value of owning a Mac and help to make Apples computers better options than PCs.

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