Thin Clients: Take Two

Review: The Sun Ray 2FS and HP Compaq t5720 show that the old platform is worth a new look.

Just a short time ago, the PC was declared dead, and network computing was heralded as the wave of the future. That vision never fully took off, but as IT managers contend with rising management costs and security issues, thin clients are beginning to gain traction again.


To see what thin-client vendors have to offer now, eWeek Labs tested two recently released solutions: Sun Microsystems Sun Ray 2FS and Hewlett-Packards HP Compaq t5720.

Both are thin clients, but their approaches are dramatically different. While the Sun Ray 2FS is a real network computer—no moving parts, no operating system—the HP Compaq t5720 runs Microsoft Windows XP Embedded and can store some files.

Our full reviews of both systems are below.

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