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Intel Gets Lean.

Is Intel CEO Craig Barrett paranoid? He admits as much in our exclusive eWEEK interview. But at Intel, paranoia is a virtue, not a disorder, thanks to the heritage of Chairman Andrew Grove, who explained his philosophy in his book, "Only the Paranoid Survive." Its a tough, Darwinian outlook, but one thats necessary in a world where billion-dollar bets are routinely made in semiconductor design and manufacturing.

In the recent industry downturn, Barrett bet in favor of investing in new products, he told Gartner Symposium attendees last week. "In the last three years, financial analysts said to cut our R&D budget," he said. "We chose the opposite approach. Im confident that was the right approach. If you really believe in your company and your industry, then you march forward."

Barrett also calls for full steam ahead for stock options, believing they motivate entrepreneurial innovation. "If we expense them, that will do away with them," he told Gartner Symposium attendees, noting that China intends to encourage their use. "This is the future of us and our kids," he said, providing more reason to be paranoid.

In rack-mounted servers, however, some Intel paranoia may be in order, as Technical Analyst Francis Chu finds much to like in IBMs eServer 325, which is IBMs first server to use AMDs Opteron processor. The servers start at $2,919 and, due to the 64-bit Opterons architecture, can run 32-bit applications with no performance penalty. Theyll go up against Itanium-based servers from Dell and HP.

Also in Labs this week, iRise Application Simulator 3.0 has turned a skeptical Peter Coffee into a believer—no small achievement. Peter has bestowed eWEEKs coveted Analysts Choice on the product because it does what others have promised but heretofore not delivered: the ability to allow nonprogrammers to construct application simulations without coding. Although it sports a hefty price tag, it could save several programmers salaries.

As Peter reports, there are other tools that can help. Compuwares DevPartner Studio Professional Edition 7.1 is also a worthy product for optimizing application design. And Parasoft Jtest 5.0 can make source code analysis for Java apps much smoother to swallow.

Monday, travel with eWEEKs Peter Galli and Darryl Taft to Los Angeles and Microsofts Professional Developers Conference.

Galli and Taft have a head start on whats to unfold at the confab. But check out the coverage Monday and throughout the week for more details on the next version of Windows and the SDKs the companys putting together for it.

Also Monday, eWEEK will be in Orlando, Fla., for live coverage of the Storage Networking World conference. Look for breaking product news as well as interviews with the storage industrys top execs.

This week, also look for coverage of IBMs Data Management Technical Conference in Las Vegas.

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