VARs Await 64-bit Desktop Apps

AMD's new 64-bit Athlon chip may well set the desktop market on fire this year if there are enterprise applications to support it.

Advanced Micro Devices new 64-bit Athlon chip may well set the market on fire later this year. Thats the take of many VARs and solution providers. But while AMDs 64-bit Opteron chip for servers is already finding its way into the enterprise, the Athlon desktop market is trailing.

Athlons greatest appeal remains among power users and engineers needing to crunch large amounts of data and gamers seeking vivid graphics.

Resellers agree whats crippling the business market right now is a lack of applications and drivers to support the new technology. The 64-bit processors support 32-bit applications but to fully exploit the advantages of the new hardware, customers require new software that supports it.

Microsoft plans to support Athlon in its upcoming release of Windows XP. However, that release has been delayed until later this year.


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