Velocity Micro Tunes ProMagix HD150 Desktop for Business Buyers

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Velocity Micro Tunes ProMagix HD150 Desktop for Business Buyers

HP, Lenovo, and Dell dominate the corporate PC market. But Velocity Micro, a boutique PC vendor that focuses on high-end performance and customized design, is targeting the enterprise with its new ProMagix HD150 desktop workstation. Introduced on April 30, this desktop runs on AMD’s Epyc line of processors and comes with a variety of graphics processor options. Customers who want the highest performance can configure the PC with up to 256GB of onboard RAM. Those components, coupled with Velocity Micro’s policy of shipping its computers without a lot of software and utility add-ons, also known and bloatware, means buyers are getting computers that can be configured to suit their needs. This slide show will discuss the features in the ProMagix HD150 that might convince some buyers to pay a bit more for a business PC. 

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AMD Epyc CPUs Power the ProMagix HD150

Velocity Micro has opted for the AMD Epyc line of processors for its ProMagix HD150. The base model features AMD’s Epyc 7251 with eight cores and 16 threads, but the computer can be configured with the Epyc 7601, which has 32 cores and 64 threads. Other Epyc chips are also available for ProMagix buyers.

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There Are Multiple Graphics Processor Options

Velocity Micro offers a multitude of graphics options for the ProMagix HD150. The base model runs on AMD’s Radeon Pro WX2100, but users can opt for Nvidia Quadro, Nvidia GeForce, and a variety of other AMD Radeon graphics cards. The most expensive choice, dual AMD Radeon Pro SSG Vega 10 video cards, will add nearly $11,000 to the bottom line.

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Plenty of Component Customizations

One of the hallmarks of Velocity Micro’s PC design is that it allows buyers to customize components that other mainstream vendors typically do not. Whether folks want RAID arrays, liquid cooling, or thermal paste, among many other features, Velocity Micro offers it. The ProMagix HD150 is no different.

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How Much RAM Do You Need?

Velocity Micro’s ProMagix HD150 comes with 32GB of memory to start. However, those who think they need more can add up to 256GB of memory. however, that 256GB of memory will up the computer’s price by $3,300.

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Storage Options Galore

The ProMagix HD150 comes with two hard drive bays. Each of them can be configured with solid-state drives or hard disk drives and up to 16TB of storage. Companies that prefer RAID arrays can specify RAID 0, RAID 1 Mirror, or RAID 5 out of the box.

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There a Multiple Networking Options

Although the ProMagix HD150 is a tower desktop, Velocity Micro designed it to be as wireless-friendly as possible. The computer has two communications ports. The first automatically comes with a Gigabit Ethernet port. The other can be used for WiFi connectivity. Customers have the option of choosing 802.11ac or 802.11n for that second port.

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The ProMagix HD150 Ships With Windows 10 Pro

Although the ProMagix HD150 comes standard with Windows 10 Pro, buyers don’t have to be into Windows. Instead, Trend Micro gives companies the option of installing Ubuntu on the computer. But buyers must choose just one OS, so dual-booting won’t be readily available out of the box. 

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The Price Includes High-End Product Support

Velocity Micro has some of the best computer support of any PC vendor in the market. The company builds its computers by hand in the U.S. and tests their performance before shipping them. Buyers get a one year standard parts and labor warranty and regular business hour support for the lifetime of the machine. On-site repair is also available for a slight charge.

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Velocity Micro Offers a Lifetime Upgrade Plan

Instead of forcing companies to buy new computers when its machines become obsolete, Velocity Micro offers a lifetime upgrade plan. With that option, companies can send in used machines that are slowing down for a tune-up. Customers can also have Trend Micro upgrade components inside the computer, including the motherboard, CPU, power supply, and more. Charges for the upgrade plan start at $99 for each shipment.

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The ProMagix Base Model Ships on May 21

Velocity Micro’s ProMagix HD150 is available now for customization. The base model, which costs $3,299, will start shipping to customers on May 21. But the prices jump considerably as buyers add more powerful components and other features. Customizations could also push back the ship date, depending on what customers add to the PC.

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