Webinar September14: How to Boost Productivity with a Secure Next-Gen IT Infrastructure

Learn why your old technology simply won't cut it and how a next-gen IT infrastructure can boost productivity and support the modern workplace.


Live Event Date: September 14, 2017 @ 1:00 p.m. ET /10:00 a.m. PT

According to a recent Frost & Sullivan survey, improving productivity is the top driver for IT investment among all types of businesses. So, how do you get there? For starters, companies must give employees the IT infrastructure tools they need and the power to use them to enact real digital transformation.

Attend this webinar and join Melanie Turek, Frost & Sullivan's Vice President of Research, and Gary Bergo, Regional Chief Technologist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, as they discuss why your old technology simply won't cut it. Melanie and Gary will offer actionable advice on:

  • How to upgrade servers
  • Updating your data storage
  • The advantages of a modern network infrastructure
  • Management and security software to support the modern workplace