Which Laptop Is for You?

Review: eWEEK Labs' evaluations of some of the latest laptop computers find that there's a machine for just about everyone.

During the last six months, eWEEK Labs has evaluated several new laptops. With the introduction of dual-core processors, weve found that the new systems represent a higher level of capability and performance.

Our overall favorite among the current crop is the Lenovo ThinkPad X60s, which we honored with an eWEEK Labs Analysts Choice award for its performance, battery life and portability.

But among this latest group of laptops, theres something to like for just about everyone. Need a system thats relatively cheap but powerful? Then go with the Dell D620. Want to be the envy of all your colleagues? Then go with Sonys slick Vaio SZ 160. Looking for a portable widescreen format? Try the Lenovo 3000 v100. Want a cost-effective laptop with excellent battery life? Consider the Gateway M465. How about a laptop with an AMD processor and 64-bit capabilities? Check out HPs nx6325.

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