Xerox Tool Assesses the TCO of Print

ProfitQuick Investment Planner adds functions such as workflow, equipment and costs to help plan investments.

Rochester-based Xerox Corporation Sept. 4 announced Xerox ProfitQuick Investment Planner, a financial modeling tool to help in-plant printing/reprographics groups, commercial printers and others make more informed decisions about the total cost of print purchasing.

Until now, Xeroxs financial modeling tools addressed the impact of hardware investments. ProfitQuick Investment Planner, according to Xerox officials, "gives Xerox experts the ability to analyze a print providers entire workflow from job administration, prepress, printing and finishing through fulfillment and distribution, and then predict how digital equipment and an automated workflow such as Web-to-print impacts costs and time."

The officials said that ProfitQuick Investment Planner "offers a complete, customized analysis of a print providers costs, workflow and equipment in detailed reports, flowcharts and graphs. Print shops then use the information for side-by-side cost and profit comparisons for offset, digital and integrated printing environments and workflows. This makes it easy to identify the best workflow and equipment options, distinguish the most valuable jobs and applications, forecast business growth and justify the cost of a complete print solution."

The assessment generated by the ProfitQuick Investment Planner will also help in-plant operations and commercial printers make more informed purchasing decisions and better understand how to meet customer job requirements, increase their capacity to take on more jobs and reduce total costs.

"Investment Planner now also takes your workflow into consideration, so you can price it out, and save money to invest elsewhere," says Gina Testa, vice president of channel and customer business development of the production systems group for Xerox. "We flowchart your current workflow, recommend how to automate areas suited to it, and do the financial assessment of how much you would save, for example, over months or a year."

The planner is an addition to Xeroxs ProfitAccelerator Digital Business Resources collection.

Daniel P. Dern is an independent technology writer. He can be reached at

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