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Geekspeak: December 18, 2000

In director Stanley Kubrick's prescient "2001: A Space Odyssey," Kubrick and collaborator Arthur C. Clarke envisioned a spacecraft the length of a football field with a master computer that knew the condition of every system on board.

Scan the Skies for Gathering Clouds

Sometimes the first cloud that appears in the sky is just a random cloud. Other times, it heralds a downpour soon to follow. So, events sometimes make only modest news impact at a given moment but later loom large in importance.

Plans You Can Put Stock In

Gee, I guess we've bought all the PCs and workstations we'll ever need.

PKI Tells Who Goes There?

Baltimore masters policies; Entrust is well-rounded; RSA client shines; VeriSign tops at outsourcing

Partners are few for Dell B2B exchange

Although Dell Computer Corp. stands out as a major e-commerce player, generating about $16 billion in online sales annually, that success apparently hasn't spurred suppliers to join the company's new business-to-business exchange, the Dell Marketplace.

Career Moves: Where Will Destiny Lead?

Did you go home for Thanksgiving? If you did, maybe you did some contemplating about how you got where you are and where you are going.

Intel to Take On TI in the DSP Space

Intel Corp. will launch a new processor this week, but unlike the company's more recent chip launches, this product will likely face an uphill climb for acceptance.

Calling lost laptops: Please phone home

Try as he may to secure telecommuters' systems, Gerry Cullen, director of special projects at Detroit Diesel-Allison BC Ltd., in Vancouver, British Columbia, knows there's only so much he can do to keep corporate secrets from walking away when a company l

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