Patrick Moorhead

Patrick Moorhead is the president and principal analyst, Moor Insights and Strategy. Moorhead is ranked #1 among technology industry analysts in terms of “power” (ARInsights) and “press citations” (Apollo Research).

Microsoft Focuses on the K–8 Education Market: Windows 11 SE, Surface Laptop SE, Simplified Intune

One of the unexpected results of the pandemic was the digital transformation of everything. Windows 11 itself was the result of Microsoft realizing that even more people than anticipated...

Microsoft Ignite 2021: Cloud, the Metaverse, and More Cross Company Capabilities

It is easy to give credit to the pandemic for the radical acceleration of the digital world. While it is true that it ignited digital transformation, it has always...

Cisco Launches A Plethora Of New Hardware And Software At WebexOne 2021

This week Cisco Systems held its annual digital collaboration event, the WebexOne conference. This conference is the one time a year we dive deep into the latest Webex features...

Dell’s ProSupport Suite for PCs Evolves With Today’s Modern Enterprise

The enterprise landscape is constantly evolving. While many of the significant shifts we've seen over the last few years were already underway (e.g., hybrid infrastructure, work-from-anywhere, everything-as-a-service, etc.), the...

Cisco’s Webex And Google Meet Interoperability Makes an Interesting Pairing

One of the lasting impacts of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic will likely be the accelerated migration to a truly hybrid workforce model for many businesses. Enterprises will need to...

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