'Lion' Launches with a Roar, But Leaves Us Flat


The new release of Apple's desktop operating system is certainly a leap ahead for the Mac platform in many ways. Mac OS X "Lion"-release 10.7-provides a better security architecture, new data encryption options and introduces user interface paradigms that foreshadow a time when gesture-based touch computing will be taken for granted.

There's no question that, technically, Lion is the best release of the Mac operating system ever. But, being a person who dislikes change for the mere sake of change, I'm left underwhelmed at best by many of the latest tweaks to the supporting applications and user interface. Apparently, the goal was to make the Mac UI look more like that of an iPhone or iPad, and Apple has succeeded, for better or worse.

For a look at Lion in action, click the image above to view a screen gallery, and be sure to read my full review, 'Lion' Leaves Us Flat, at eWEEK.com.