RIM Keynote at CTIA on Thursday

I'm at CTIA, keynote session on Thursday.

Mobil bar code scanning using an ordinary camera phone and with the idea o f changing how consumers interact. Launch the code scan application, for example you are waiting at the bus stop and notice movie poster, you see a new 2-d barcode and wave the phone over, download the trailer for the movie, You can buy the movie ticket via phone, size of code can be big or small.

Marketshare keeps growing, Soon every phone will be a smart phone. First product was an intereactive pager. Question is why are smart phones growing so much? answer is airlink payloads. Used to be way out idea of wireless data. Convergence of payloads. Link to services that move across the payloads. now paging, sms, email, instant messaging, social networking, blogs and wikis.

This is here and now type stuff. Grew 110 % last year. We set a gold standard in email of sessionless push. Have to push diverse environments. convergence of four screens, home internet, home content, cell phone and home phone. The four screen convergence. Blackberry offers a unified presenation of dispersed payloads. People want it unified at presentation layer. blackberry supports ten emails accounts, four instant messaging, all rich push and buddy list access. Also supports in the enterprise behind the firewall payloads.

Most exciting is support of wireless social networking. Myspace, Facebook, et al. Had 2.5 million facebook downloads. In our world, fastest takeup of any application we have ever had. Announce a special relationship with Myspace with Blackberry. Instantly know ehn you have a new message, instant wireless photo browse, update status, view your friends profiles, browse read and send messages. Expect wireless social networking to grow 1000 percent. What we are seeing, developing apis for richer social networking environment.

Jim Basile comes on stage. He is the co-CEOS. Been in wireless data for almost 20 years. Starts with a historical perspective. This week announced three new devices, push to talk Curve, Bolt in U.S early October and new flip Blackberry.

Cellphone market in North America has been flat, but smartphone is growing at 60 percent. No signs of it slowing down. Is becoming connected smart appliances. Soon Windows Media support. Remote playlist management, run music store remotely. Application run Slacker on a blackberry. Create you own personalized station. Can create own managed services context. Free or subscription service. You can literally have thousands of songs cached on your Blackberry. Personalized, managed service. Unique model that works with music company. Wear a managed service on your belt. This is transformative. Dipdive, fuse interent and social networking.

Content relationship, Optimized web portal. Mobility and wireless is an enabler, Success for MLB. NFL mobilelive, more people accessed superbowl on mobile instead of pc. Rich contextualized personalized content is an absolute reality. Announce a relationship with Microsoft including search and ads . Gaming, are thousands and thousands of games. peer to peer, etc. Games are just a software app on a mobile.

Tivo, have two elements, Rich access to programming and managing tivo box remotely. remotely control and have your show as cache on your blackberry. Can route and synchronize tv content to your mobile.

Link home phone to blackberry. unlimited nationwide calls. mobile phone is only phone in people's life. Announce deal with Ticketmaster. He is a concert goer. Two issues, one is knowing about the event and second the purchase of the tickets is a hassle. Can browse search and buy tickets with Blackberry and soon push tickets to Blackberry. Dynamic ecom terminal on your belt. Office, bring your office together, share key information, stay coordinated, protect the privacy of your office. At presentation layer, you can combine calendars say between enterprise and family cal. is a reality today.

Enterprise side. scale, security, manage, extend, rick mapi, locwest tco, mobile voice system, mobile data system, 150k servers. It is a behind the firewall platform. As work productivity platform, big growth in voice pbx and web services. Remarkable interest by CIOs, to the pbx what we did for email. Other is web services, with SAP we made it native. Using wireless to transform workflow and productivity.

Blackberry Peal flip 8220, almost seventy percent of cellhones are flip. We crack the code of the smart phone and the flip. had a seventy percent flip preference. , sales of Bold are remarkable, screen, made the screen a killer app. hopeful launch att in early oct. Work across all the different environments. And curve 8350i, push to talk. white collar and blue collar environments. have a developer conference in oct. 20 in Santa Clara.