The iPad Goes Royal

Her Majesty is getting an iPad. Lest any of my friends think I'm speaking disrespectfully of my mother, that's a reference to Queen Elizabeth II, who is said* to be so taken with the Apple tablet that she's buying one for herself. It seems that Princes William and Harry have recently let their grandmother borrow their iPads, and the 85-year-old monarch has enjoyed the experience so far.

This is sort of what happened with my mother; she asked for one last fall, and those of us who were chipping in decided to wait for the release of the iPad 2. I presented it to her on her birthday last week, and now all I have to do is get her to use it. Something tells me that comparing her to the Queen isn't going to cut much ice, but you never know.

* True, the news comes from the British tabloid The Sun, which is notorious for being loose with the truth; nevertheless, I suspect that this time, for once, the story's legit.