Will Apple See the Light on OS X Updates?


Apple began supplying an up-to-date version of the installer for its OS X Lion client and server operating systems today, a week after first making the 10.7.1 update available online. That's a week's worth of customers who either had to apply the patch manually, or download it separately through the Software Update function of Mac OS X .


One thing I hate more than repeating myself is repeating myself because someone wasn't listening. But here I go:If Apple doesn't step up to the plate and start delivering up-to-date installers more promptly than it did on this first go-around, the company's going to squander one of the purported advantages of the Mac App Store and its delivery system.

Now, if iAds continues to flounder, it's not that big of a deal. After all, that's very much a new business for Apple, and it's to be expected that its paradigm-challenging business model would struggle at first.

But if Apple can't make the Mac App Store work as it should - and prompt availability of updated software is simply by itself a BFD - the company will have to listen to people like me who get paid to point out BFD failures.

Nobody wants that, do we?