Belgian papers back in Google News

A Belgian newspaper agency that sued to be removed from Google News recently agreed to be indexed by the search engine again.
The Belgian agency, Copiepresse, issued a joint statement with Google explaining the turnaround.
"The websites of the Belgian French and German-language daily press will now appear without a 'cached' link in the search results of Google’s search engine, thanks to their use of the 'noarchive' tag," read the statement in part.
"The Belgian French and German-language daily press publishers and Google Inc. intend to use a quiet period in the court dispute to continue their efforts to identify tangible ways to collaborate in the long term."
Copiepresse originally filed suit in March 2006, arguing that Google's use of the robots.txt tag imposed Google's own copyright on their papers' articles. A Belgian court ruled for the agency when Google neglected to respond to the summons on time, but the case was later reheard with Google's participation. In February the Belgian court ruled that Google had violated copyrights and a fine was imposed, though Google is appealing the ruling.