Bradley Loses AdSense Termination Lawsuit Against Google

Well it's a happy new year, and I've got two reasons to thank Mr. Matt Cutts:

  1. The name check on his traffic stats roundup.
  2. Pointing me to this post on the technology and marketing law blog, which says Bradley v. Google has been terminated.

I wrote a bit about Theresa Bradley's lawsuit against Google last year. She was an AdSense publisher who accused Google of wrongly terminating her account after she clicked on her own ads. Bradley has a history of filing ridiculous lawsuits, and this suit against Google had little to no merit.

When you blog about a lawsuit like Bradley's, you risk publicizing the case out of all proportion with the case's merits. When I discovered the lawsuit in court records last September, I decided to publish because click fraud and its attendant problems were much in the news. I thought Bradley's lawsuit, though frivolous, helped edify the public about the types of legal issues with which Google deals. That said, if I could go back and make the decision again, I would only mention the suit briefly.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful new year. Happy 2007!

P.S. I'd do a traffic stats roundup too, but I don't think eWEEK's policies allow it. Something about advertisers. Sheesh. Suffice to say, this month marks one full year of the Google Watch blog. It began with Ben Charny (now at MarketWatch), and I took over in June. It's been a lot of fun, and traffic has increased every month. Woot and all that.