Google Aggregates Listings on Web in New Job Search Service

Employment seekers can now use Google Search to pull job ads from across the web.


Employment seekers now have one more option to search for jobs that match their interests, requirements and qualifications.

Starting this week, people can use Google search on desktop or mobile devices to look for and find jobs posted across the web, social media and numerous job sites, including CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Monster, Glassdoor and Facebook.

By entering basic job-related queries into Google search, users can pull up results that the company says will be drawn from across the web and therefore much broader than job listings on any single site. Users will be able to sift through the results and find matches based on specific and granular requirements, such as the commute time to and from work, hours available to work and job specialties.

In some cases, at least, Google will provide job seekers with reviews and ratings about their prospective employees culled from trusted online sources, such as Glassdoor and If a user is signed in to his or her Google account, the company will also provide commute time estimates right next to the job ad.

New Filters on the Way

In coming months, Google will continue to add new filters that people can use to narrow down their search to jobs that match their specific skills, Google product manager Nick Zakrasek said in a company blog. Zakrasek, however, did not specify what those new filters would be.

The freshly launched Google job search service supports a feature that lets employment seekers set up email notification for new jobs as they become available. The company is also working with the likes of LinkedIn, Monster and Facebook to ensure that jobs posted on any of these platforms are indexed and become available via Google Search as soon as the jobs are posted.

As part of the effort, Google this week released new documentation that gives employers tips on how to structure their job postings so their ads are more easily discoverable by Google's search bots. For organizations that plan on posting job ads on their own sites, Google this week released instructions on how to directly integrate with its search service.

This week's announcement builds on Google's recent and growing efforts in the job search market. The company has previously noted how it plans to apply machine-learning approaches to enable smarter job searches. The company has said it wants to give job seekers ways to find jobs across every conceivable wage and experience level. This includes jobs such as retail and service jobs that have traditionally been harder to find and to classify on typical job sites.

API Available for Employers

Google last year also released a Cloud Jobs Application Programming Interface (API) for enterprise use. Enterprises can use the API to enhance their own career websites and pages with Google's search and machine-learning capabilities. The goal is to give companies a way to enable smarter job searches on their websites.

For example, sites that use the API support the ability for users to search for jobs using filters such as commute time, seniority and similar occupational categories.

Jaikumar Vijayan

Jaikumar Vijayan

Vijayan is an award-winning independent journalist and tech content creation specialist covering data security and privacy, business intelligence, big data and data analytics.