Google Reader Adds RSS Trends


Wow, this is cool, and it's going to finally get me to change over to Google Reader for good.

The Google Reader team has just implemented a Reader "trends" page that tracks, as Steve Rubel says, personal attention metadata.

Googler Matt Cutts shared his stats, as did Scoble.

Seeing all those stats is cool, and I'm all for reading a lotta feeds. But I've never been a fan of RSS one-upmanship, and I hope this doesn't start a whole "I read more and faster than you" arms race. Having personal attention data is really cool, but something in me bristles at the thought of everybody sharing what and how much and how quickly they read. The faux self-effacing exclamations--"well, golly, Beav, I read so much today"--are a little transparent. Am I wrong?