Google Video Loses NBA, Gains NHL

Google and the NBA have apparently gone their separate ways, ending the landmark deal that brought NBA videos to Google Video. Several people have pointed out that the video links on the NBA's site no longer work.

But good news for Hockey fans: Google now has NHL games.

I'm not privy to why the NBA ended their arrangement with Google, but it probably has something to do with the maturation of the NBA's Web video strategy.

As NBA commissioner David Stern said about the league's partnerships with Google and iTunes recently: "Those are, in the short run, experimentation to say that we're there and to test it. I don't think the story is yet written on the long-term strategy of those endeavors. There are different league models. Some want to maintain the rich content for their very own; some are prepared to partner with others, and some are prepared to give content to others to drive them back to our own web site. We haven't to rest on this one yet."

The NHL, meanwhile, is busy clearing all the necessary rights to stream games in Canada. The NHL makes some videos available through Yahoo as well, but it looks like the selection is very limited.

If any of you dear readers know more about the NHL's online video plans or watch hockey online, please let me know. I haven't been near rink ice since my high school girlfriend landed a double axle on my foot. True story. Thanks Erin.