Google Video recommends you watch Matt Cutts' videos and Hussein's execution

This isn't a joke: When I hit up Google Video a few moments ago (11pm ET), I noticed on the front page that the site was recommending two Matt Cutts videos and Saddam Hussein's execution. WTF? That selection strikes me as incredibly odd and inappropriate.


I'm not sure what algo is responsible, but Hussein's execution video has over 2 million views, while Matt's videos have 28k and 21k each. And I don't imagine Google wants to be seen as promoting a) its own videos over the madding crowds' and b) capital punishment.

Update: Doh! It's me! I was logged in when I looked at Google Video, and I've just outed myself as a Matt Cutts fan and death fetish cult member. Sigh, I could give you some excuse that involves media studies, Burning Man, and an unhealthy obsession with goatees, but I'm too busy whipping myself with banana peels.