Google Woos Enterprise Developers

Just noticed a little note on the Google Enterprise blog urging enterprise developers to attend Google Developer Day on May 31.


"Well we continue to see a trend where enterprises are embracing new technologies and systems that have roots in consumer-based applications. We'd certainly like to think that our enterprise products, which are rooted in our own consumer offerings, are playing a healthy role in this phenomenon. It's also very intentional that our consumer and enterprise development platforms are one and the same. Now Google Developer Day represents a great chance for the enterprise developer to stay ahead of the curve by examining the many ways they could creatively leverage Google's wide range of developer products within enterprise environments."

It's funny to think how much of a stir Google's post would have caused a year and a half ago, before Google bought Writely, created a spreadsheet application or launched Google Apps for Your Domain. Today, it's just business as usual.