How to Spam Google Maps

Upon learning that satellites would be flying overhead to capture images used in Google Maps, a couple living in Sydney, Australia, decided to spam the photos with a huge piece of "art":

"We had some very intense days of planning before finally deciding that Michael and Jodie would fly down from Brisbane to meet Mike and together we would make a giant eye to look back up at the plane and show the world that Swift City ‘has its eye on the world’. Ok, so that last bit is a bit corny."

The couple woke up at 4 a.m. to peg 2,500 sheets of paper to the ground in order to make a giant eye that looked back at Google.

Commenters at Slashdot point out a Target store in College Point, N.Y., which has a giant logo painted on its roof. And last year, KFC composed a giant Colonel Sanders mural in the sand near Area 51 in the Nevada desert, specifically for the purpose of having it photographed by satellite.