Knitting Blogs to Evil Bank: "Just Bleepin' Google It!"

We all know that our financial institutions have a tenuous grasp of reality. When bank employees aren't too busy singing atrocious versions of popular U2 songs, they're apparently scheming to shut down successful, home-grown knitting stores.

My Aunt Alison e-mailed me this morning to inform me that a popular knitting site--Blue Moon Fiber Arts--was unceremoniously shut down by its bank. The reason? The site's Rockin' Sock Club was receiving so many orders (and thus so much money) that the bank concluded the club must be a cover for fraudelent activity.

Aunt Alison to her nephew, via e-mail: "The mantra this morning among all the online knitters is (to the bank) Just F***ing Google It."

I'm not sure which bank is involved, but when I find out I'll post it here. Good luck in your continuing fight against evil, knitters.