Live Blogging the T-Mobile-Google MyTouch 3G Launch

11:03: The T-Mobile-Google MyTouch 3G Launch event at the Skyline Studios on the west side. This event is a much more casual affair than the G1 launch from last September. There's no agenda in the USB drive and seemingly no Google people present. Google must be the surprise speakers.

11:03: The T-Mobile-Google MyTouch 3G Launch event at the Skyline Studios on the west side. This event is a much more casual affair than the G1 launch from last September.

There's no agenda in the USB drive and seemingly no Google people present. Google must be the surprise speakers. Also, the press releases are the same two T-Mobile and Geodelic issued June 22 when the news formally broke.

Cole Brodman, senior vice president, chief technology and innovation officer, and Denny Marie Post, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, are slated to speak.

11:09: Event starts. Brodman introduces Post, who says she is excited to talk about the launch.

Today, existing T-Mobile customers can begin pre-ordering the phone through July 28 to get it before the national retail availability of the device on Aug. 5. As reported, the device will cost $199 for a two-year contract.

Post: The phone taps into our self-expression. The myTouch 3G lets users create self-expression from inside out. The Android OS is much like taking crayons or water colors to create a device that is 100 percent you. Interesting marketing pitch.

11:11: Brodman: Says T-Mobile is fortunate to have Google as a partner. Talks about the G1 and how it lets users tap into innovation from Google and third-party application developers. Rich global ecosystem of software and hardware.

11:13: T-Mobile continues to invest in that strong Google partnership. Brodman promises more Android products later this year, but the myTouch 3G is the next big step along that path.

11:15: Post: Says the myTouch 3G is a slick device, fits in the hand very easily. "It's the kind of device you feel very bold to experiment with it and get into it. A premium device to get into the smartphone category."

Post compares it to a custom car. "It becomes 100 percent you." I see a mantra developing. Three ways the myTouch 3G will be able to personalize it. Video time.

11:16: Woman in video says if the myTouch 3G could sweat for you, it would. Ewwww. Maybe too personal. She says the weather widget lets her know whether or not it will be lousy weather (she must do yoga). She also does Google searches on the myTouch.

11:18: Another woman says if it could go through airport security for her, it would. She uses it to search for a cool restaurant and to keep up on Facebook. She also demonstrates the translator app and books a last-second deal. She can one-click to Wikipedia and personalize her adventures.

11:19: Next, a rocker dude in the video says if it could make you a rock star it would. He makes music and e-mails the clips and posts YouTube videos through the myTouch. Tweets on Twitter when he's about to go on stage. Post pics on Facebook and has ringtones for all his friends so he knows who's calling while he posts Web content.

11:21: "If it could make you cool, well, actually it pretty much does." Putting the person back into personalized. Video ends.

Brodman: The video shows us how to personalize with the myTouch. Brodman's been using the myTouch for weeks and months. Uses it many ways. No two myTouch devices are alike, he says.

11:23: Brodman uses Google Talk, Exchange, Weather Bug, and does Google Voice searches. He uses it to juggle personal and business work.

11:24: Post says as a working mother, she also keeps personal and business content. Connects her with family. She and her son play Zombie Run on the myTouch in malls. "It's about the applications, but more importantly it's about the expression of who I am."

11:25: Brodman discusses apps on the myTouch. T-Mobile and Google help users find new apps through T-Mobile store or the device itself. T-Mobile App Pack a new app coming in weeks. T-Mobile and third-party partner apps. Discusses Geodelic's Sherpa.

11:26: Geodelic is a recommendation and discovery engine for mobile. Find personalized, localized content, businesses, shops, restaurants. It gets smarter and more personal as you go.

11:27: How will T-Mobile make apps payment easier? T-mobile and Google will do a direct bill option directly from the myTouch. It won't replace current payment options, but provide an additional purchase avenue.

11:28: Post shows the device packaging, with guide, polish cloth, Special material to polish the screen. Comes in every box to keep it clean. It will have many accessories. Relationship with Skinit for custom skins.

11:30: Retail experience: Pop for consumers. T-Mobile training sells reps to make myTouch a great success. 1) make it work. 2) make it mine. 3) make it easy. Duh.

11:32: Post says T-Mobile will bring this market by consumer word of mouth. Equity of value versus any carriers out there. In mid-August, T-Mobile will launch a big advertising campaign centered on "100% You." TV, print, online -- the works.

11:35: Brodman wraps us up with: MyTouch and investment in Android is big for T-Mobile. Brings innovation of Web to mobile devices. Android products, services and applications. Starts with G1, then myTouch 3G, will continue in other devices.

Q&A Time:

Question 1: Are there plans to bring the HTC Hero to the U.S.?

No current plans to do this, Brodman says. In second half of the year there will be lots of Android devices, including more from T-Mobile.

Question 2: Does this phone do multitasking? Can you have music playing and get into an app at the same time?

Absolutely, Post and Brodman say. Widgets are live, so you'll get multiple apps working at once.

Question 3: How is myTouch 3G different from the G1?

11:39: Brodman: It's about choice -- G1 is more tech-centric. MyTouch has more personalization features. Built differently from G1. Post says myTouch is for more general audience. Very easy and sleek.

Thank you for your time. Time to use the device downstairs...

This was a disappointing launch compared to the G1. There were no Google people here at all. Videos of everyday people using the device are no substitute for Larry or Sergey, not even Android creator Andy Rubin.

Not much new, but we've got a better sense of the myTouch 3G marketing campaign, which will flaunt the personalization aspects.

My sense is that this will be a super social networking phone, the type of gadget that will be a blast to be roaming a different country with: it will help you find local businesses and haunts, take multimedia content and push it out to users or directly to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Sure, we can do a lot of this stuff on the G1 and other gadgets, but the myTouch is designed to make it easier for us.

Would you buy it?