MSN/Live Search Declines 10%, Is the Only Search Service Shrinking

Nielsen//NetRatings released its December 2006 search ratings on Jan. 23 (hat tip: SEJ), revealing that MSN/Live search was the only search platform that lost market share year-over-year:

Google Search 3,035,617 (22.6%)
Yahoo! Search 1,412,904 (30.1%)
MSN/Windows Live Search 499,946 (-9.7%)
AOL Search 362,140 (7.8%)
My Way Search 141,527 (4.7%) Search 128,452 (17.2%)
EarthLink Search 31,930 (17.6%) Search 30,487 (2.1%)
Comcast Search 26,931 (N/A)
NexTag Search 26,835 (123.2%)

Microsoft has of course been having problems lately: Its Vista launch didn't go as well as anticipated, there have been frequent reports of installation problems since then, and Microsoft's Live branding is dead weight.