Powerset Hype, Part Deux

Powerset, the company that's made no secret of wanting to challenge Google's search dominance, has seeded a few publications--and thus the whole tech blogosphere, sigh--with the news that it's reached an exclusive deal to license PARC's search technology.

In a way, Powerset is turning Google's marketing strategy against it. Years ago, Google had the audacity to set an immense goal for itself (organize the world's info, yada yada yada) and traded on that scope in its early relationship with the press. Reporters couldn't resist, it was just too out there. Powerset is doing the same thing, but it has the temerity to suggest--repeatedly and sight unseen--that it can best Google. It's a compelling storyline.

Arrington puts Powerset in context, and Danny deconstructs the hype surrounding natural language search. I'm already bored.