Search for Google on Google Video and Get ... Nonsense

Not sure what's going on here. I was, admittedly, wasting time a few minutes ago and decided to look for videos about Google on Google Video. The top 10 results (with personalized search turned off):

  1. Colbert roasts President Bush
  2. "All Marketers are Liars" -- Seth Godin speaks at Google
  3. russian climbing
  4. American Freedom to Fascism Authorized Version
  5. An Inside Look at Google
  6. Nosferatu
  7. Google Factory Tour
  8. Spore Gameplay Video
  9. What we Saw - Bob and Bri
  10. Loose Change 2nd Edition
Not sure I understand those selections, save for the three videos that are obviously about Google. Nosferatu? Searching for YouTube is interesting, too. The results are culled from some of the most popular videos on the site, but none of them seem to have anything to do with the topic of YouTube. Just an example of how far video search has to go.

Below is "Google Factory Tour," in which Larry says "Users expect from Google that we give them the exact right thing every time."