U.S. Spy Agency to Censor Google Earth, Google Maps?


The director of a little-known U.S. spy agency that analyzes satellite imagery says that the increasing availability of those photos may require the government to restrict distribution, according to komotv.com in Seattle.

"If there was a situation where any imagery products were being used by adversaries to kill Americans, I think we should act," said Vice Adm. Robert Murrett, director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

The Admiral doesn't mention it, but there's already been at least one such incident. Back in January the UK's Telegraph reported that terrorists were using Google Earth images to attack British bases in Basra.

Does this mean Google Maps and Google Earth weren't so crystal clear? Probably. But as several Slashdotters have pointed out, Google Maps and Earth are already censored. For example. there are no planes or buildings at Basra International Airport, and an entire section of the Netherlands has been mondrianised.