Why Can't Google Fix My Busted Mac?

So my Mac Mini died on Sunday. Hit the power and got the gray screen of death. The Applecare plan had run out six months previously. The folks at Tekserve said a new hard drive for the $600 Mac Mini would cost me ... $600. Arg.

Anyway, I didn't lose my documents. Everything important, from articles I'm working on to invoices to photos, is sitting somewhere, right now, in the Google cloud. Whether on Gmail or in Google Documents (or on Yahoo's Flickr), it's out there. The only thing I did lose -- and this sucks -- was my music. I know, I know, I should have had everything backed up on an external hard drive. I had most of it backed up on two iPods, but wouldn't you know it, those stopped working too. Apple, I hate you right now.

So why doesn't Google have a music storage locker? Or, for that matter, a backup-my-whole-hard-disk locker? For all that I bemoan the G Poppa's incursion into my data-centric life, it strikes me that such a locker would be imminently helpful right about now.

Oh, and if anyone knows someone who can recover my hard drive (which isn't even mounting right now) for less than $600, please, call me.