Yahoo Launches Personal Finance Site

Yahoo launched a new personal finance site today. They've got licensed content from the Wall Street Journal, CNNMoney, Consumer Reports and the Motley Fool.

For those of you who don't understand the difference between a Roth and a regular IRA, or need how-to guides for tax planning, budgeting, etc., this looks like a pretty comprehensive site.

While Yahoo expands its finance offerings, Google's financial product is still wallowing in the traffic boonies. According to Hitwise, Google Finance has a .78 percent market share, compared with Yahoo's 37.3 percent (that's Yahoo Finance generally speaking, not just personal finance).

Personally, I think Google Finance's charting capability is better than Yahoo's. But that feature--which surely must be superfluous in the eyes of serious investors--is peanuts compared with Yahoo's 10-year old market presence and significant amounts of content. There's not much reason to switch over to Google, because if you did so you'd have to return to Yahoo (or another site) to get more information, tools, and so on.