Yahoo's Q3 Results in 12 Key Takeaways

From Marissa Mayer's stance on hiring to the expected windfall from Alibaba's IPO, we offer Yahoo's third quarter livestream in 12 easy pieces.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, with CFO Ken Goldman, shared the results of the company's 2013 third quarter on Oct. 15, again via a livestream from Yahoo's Sunnyvale, Calif., studio.

The primary financial takeaways were that revenue was $1.1 billion, essentially flat from a year ago, while earnings fell to 34 cents a share, from 35 cents a year ago. Search, one of Yahoo's two core businesses, saw revenue of $435 million (down 8 percent), while in ads, its other core business, the number of ads sold increased 1 percent while the price per ad fell 7 percent.

For those less interested in the figures of the call than Mayer's strategies for her second year, and the details that she and Goldman chose to share and not share, we've summed up the rest of the call below.

1. Yahoo Expects an Alibaba Cash Windfall Soon

Yahoo acquired 17 companies during CEO Mayer's first year on the job and burned through a good amount of cash—most significantly with its $1.1 billion payout for Tumblr. But Yahoo anticipates that its cash reserves may be replenished soon, when the fabulously successful Chinese e-commerce site Alibaba goes public.

In September 2012, Yahoo sold 40 percent of its stake in Alibaba for $7.1 billion, but it still holds a 24 percent share of the company. Depending on how the IPO goes, Yahoo stands to gain between $18 billion and $30 billion, Bloomberg has reported.

"We do expect at some point that Alibaba will have the IPO and that will provide more cash for us," Yahoo CFO Ken Goldman said during the call.

"We haven't made any decision at this time as to how we might utilize those funds," he added, "but at this point we do believe we certainly have adequate funds to run the business...and to continue to acquire the types of companies that we have been acquiring this past year."

2. Yahoo Continues to 'Sprint' After Revenue Growth

Mayer often speaks of "sprints," when describing a major effort by her team.

"Our current sprint is deeply focused on product quality and growing traffic and we’ve demonstrated great momentum on both this quarter," Mayer said during the livestream. "People, products, traffic, revenue—that is the chain reaction we are working to trigger. Great teams build beautiful, engaging products, those products drive increased traffic, and the increased traffic generates greater advertiser interest, which ultimately results in revenue growth."

3. During Q3, Yahoo Bought Eight Companies

Sounding like the roster of an alien classroom, Yahoo's eight acquisitions were: Bignoggins, Qwiki, Xobni, Admovate, Ztelic, Lexity, Rockmelt, and IQ Engines.

4. During Q3, Yahoo Rebuilt Seven 'Daily Habit' Products

Mayer wants Yahoo and its offerings to be deeply ingrained in user's everyday habits. During the quarter, the "daily habit" products it redesigned included Yahoo Sports, Weather and entertainment properties including Yahoo Movie, Music, TV and omg!

"These more modern product experiences are now about personalized streams of information," Mayer said.

5. In September, It Launched Yahoo! Screen, Its New 'Video Destination'

Yahoo Screen offers original programming, as well as popular shows like Saturday Night Live Archives, NBC Sports, South Park and The Daily Show.