Yahoo Sued for $20M for Illegal Image Use


An Ohio woman is suing Yahoo for $20 million for allegedly using a photograph of her when advertising Yahoo e-mail services, Google Watch has learned.

According to a complaint filed in Ohio federal court, the woman, Shannon Stovall, learned of the alleged misuse of her likeness after she signed up for Yahoo e-mail. An image of Stovall (left) was included in the sign-up confirmation e-mail sent to Stovall's new Yahoo e-mail address.

Stovall, who is represented by attorneys from three firms—read: not a pro se lawsuit—is alleging Yahoo violated her right to publicity and right to privacy.

Stovall is seeking $20 million for compensatory and punitive damages and a portion of the profits that have been generated through the use of her likeness, and to cover her legal fees.

Reps from Yahoo were not immediately available for comment. Lawyers for Stovall have not returned calls seeking comment.


Note: A previous version of this post reported the lawsuit was for $10M. That was incorrect. The lawsuit is for $20M, plus attorney fees.