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World Cup

Google Search Experiencing a World Cup Soccer 2014 Search Frenzy

With the FIFA World Cup soccer matches fully under way, here are the current most popular World Cup searches on Google Search.

Google Releases Cayley Open-Source Graph Database

Cayley will be used to help Google continue to refine the idea of linking data together in graph databases, including Google's Knowledge Graph.
Bing integrates Twitter

Bing Search Tightly Integrates Twitter

Bing and Twitter are closer than ever. Microsoft is adding a social twist to its search engine by displaying relevant tweets within main results.

Yahoo's Controversial Board Appointment Dominates Shareholder Meeting

Yahoo's 2013 successes were overshadowed during its shareholder meeting by the controversial appointment of former Walmart CEO H. Lee Scott to its board.
Google My Business

Google Unveils 'Google My Business' to Help Companies Grow

The free, new Google service aims to help business owners connect better with their customers so that their businesses can continue to grow.
Google search

Google Makes It Easier to Search for World Cup Soccer Info

As the World Cup 2014 competition begins today, Google is helping soccer fans stay abreast of all the happenings during the monthlong competition.
mobile search

Google Helps End Mobile User Frustration Over Bad Links

Google offers some how-to fixes for mobile Websites that can appear in Google searches but then not lead to the correct results that are sought by users.
Bing search

Microsoft's Bing Reaches 5-Year Mark as Search Keeps Evolving

Microsoft chronicles the history of the company's search engine and the changes that occurred in those five years—from advanced intelligence to machine learning.
EU search ruling

Google Posts Request Form in EU to Remove Personal Info Online

The move complies with an EU court ruling that Google and other search firms have a process for people to request the removal of objectionable online content.
Google logo

Google Reveals Its Workforce Is Not Very Diverse

For the first time, Google has revealed its diversity figures, along with a pledge to do more in the future to bring in more women and minorities.
Web Developers Need to Check JavaScript Code

Google Advising Web Developers on JavaScript Page Indexing Issues

Web developers should double-check to ensure that JavaScript code in their Web pages isn't negatively affecting page rankings in Google Search results.

Microsoft Offering Tablet Makers 'Free' Windows 8.1 With Bing

Taking a page out of the Google playbook, Microsoft lures OEMs with a free version of Windows that defaults to the Bing search engine, helping them build lower-cost Windows devices.

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