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Bing in the Classroom Now Open to All U.S. Schools

In a major expansion of the safe-search program, Microsoft is making it easier for American K-12 schools to sign up and earn rewards.

Google Trends Lets Users 'Subscribe' to Search Updates

Google Trends has added an option that allows Web surfers to subscribe to automatic updates on the search terms that interest them.

Mayer Pushing Apple to Replace Google Search With Yahoo

Apple has been using Google Search as a default on its devices, but Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer would love to get that business for her company.

Google Book Scanning Case Dismissal Being Appealed

The Authors Guild is appealing a November 2013 court decision that dismissed its claims against Google for scanning and distributing the published works of authors online without paying for the content.

Cortana-like Personalization Comes to Microsoft Bing

Bing provides a window into how Cortana, Microsoft's new search and digital assistant technology, gets to know users.

Senate Bill Aims to Replace Federal Agency With Google Search

A proposed federal law would eliminate the National Technical Information Service because about 74 percent of the documents it circulates can instead be found for free through Google searches.

Yahoo Breathing Easier on Modest Earnings, Revenue Gains

Revenue increased 1 percent to $1.3 billion in Q1 2014 after four straight quarters with lower or flat results.

Google Patches Apps, Services in Response to Heartbleed Flaw

In response to the newly announced Heartbleed code flaw, Google has patched key services, including Search, Gmail, YouTube and Google Wallet. Other services are still being patched, according to Google.

Mobile Apps Bringing the End of the World Wide Web as We Know It

NEWS ANALYSIS: Mobile and wearable devices along with the apps that they run are rapidly ending use of the open Web to access information.

Daily Tech Briefing: April 9, 2014 VIDEO

Microsoft's Cortana Presages Bing's Future; IBM Brings New Cloud Offerings, Pricing to the Mainframe; Apple Reimbursing Customers for Unapproved In-App Purchases; and more.
Bing Search

Microsoft's Cortana Presages Bing's Future

The Cortana voice assistant technology may have wowed the crowd at Microsoft's Build, but she wasn't the only showcase for the company's search technology.
XBox One

Bing Voice-Enabled Web Search Hits the Xbox One

Expanding on its efforts to build Bing into a service layer, Microsoft issues an update that allows Xbox One users to search the Web from their couches.

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