10 Apps That Protect Users' iPhones and Safeguard Data

1 - 10 Apps That Protect Users' iPhones and Safeguard Data
2 - Apple Helps Users Find Their iPhones
3 - Symantec Encrypts Mobile Devices
4 - Dashlane Provides Password Safety
5 - Kryptos Encrypts Voice Communication
6 - Kaspersky Safeguards Important Information
7 - Avast Adds Privacy Through SecureLine
8 - Avira Boosts Mobile Security
9 - Trend Micro Bolsters Web and App Security
10 - F-Secure Delivers Child Safety Features
11 - Lookout Provides Identity Protection
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10 Apps That Protect Users' iPhones and Safeguard Data

Apple's iOS mobile operating system has been generally well-protected over the years, but it's still susceptible to threats. As malicious hackers increasingly target mobile devices rather than PCs to victimize users around the world, iOS has become more of a target. As a result, security companies are aggressively building security apps designed to protect iPhone owners. From apps that target malware to programs that attempt to safeguard user data, there are myriad ways to protect content on the iPhone. However, not all of those apps are useful. This eWEEK slide show lists the best iPhone security apps to help users minimize their chances of being targeted.

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Apple Helps Users Find Their iPhones

Apple has one of the best security apps for the iPhone: Find My iPhone. The app, which is free, enables users to track their devices anywhere they are. Users can also sound an alarm to alert others to a possible theft and even lock the device so thieves can't access data. In the worst-case scenario, users can remotely wipe their iPhone clean.

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Symantec Encrypts Mobile Devices

Symantec offers a free app to those who want to encrypt content through their devices. With the service, users can create messages, encrypt them and send them off to other iOS device users. To take advantage of Symantec's Mobile Encryption, users will need to be Symantec Encryption Management Server users and have LDAP Directory Synchronization turned on.

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Dashlane Provides Password Safety

Dashlane offers a free password manager. The app protects a user's passwords and encrypts them so they are difficult for others to crack. Better yet, it can be applied to the browser, automatically populating credentials to log into an account.

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Kryptos Encrypts Voice Communication

For those who want to communicate with certain people without the prying eyes of others, Kryptos could be the answer. The free app lets users record a voice message, encrypt it and then send it off to any number of contacts. The voice communication is encrypted with 256-bit AES and is transmitted with help from 2,048-bit RSA.

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Kaspersky Safeguards Important Information

Kaspersky's Password Manager, another free app, allows users to protect their passwords in one place. However, it can protect far more than passwords, including addresses, credit card details and other information. Everything is secured with a single master password.

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Avast Adds Privacy Through SecureLine

Those looking for a virtual private network (VPN) solution should consider Avast's VPN SecureLine. The app, which is available as a free download, bounces users' connections around the world to anonymize their web traffic. It's a simple-to-use app but securely routes traffic around the internet.

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Avira Boosts Mobile Security

Avira's free Mobile Security app is another suitable option for end-to-end safeguards. The app consistently analyzes a device to see how it's operating and whether certain apps are using up too much memory and storage. It can also locate devices and safeguard user email and contact information.

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Trend Micro Bolsters Web and App Security

Trend Micro also offers a free app for iPhone users named Mobile Security. It offers security features across all the device's built-in apps, including the browser, social media and more. The app tracks malicious ads and blocks them and is capable of ensuring privacy on popular social sites.

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F-Secure Delivers Child Safety Features

Like Trend Micro's app, F-Secure's SAFE can analyze internet behavior and safeguard user data from malicious ads and malware. But the free app also delivers child safety features, letting parents filter unsuitable content and place time limits on the device. The app can even disable the phone during certain times of the day so kids can study and get some rest.

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Lookout Provides Identity Protection

Rounding out the list of security apps for the iPhone, security firm Lookout offers a free app that takes aim at identity theft protection. The app can analyze whether a device is missing and help users track it. It can also analyze WiFi signals for hackers and will tell users when their personal information leaked online. It'll even deliver alerts to let users know when apps or services have been breached.