10 Security Firms That Raised Venture Funding in May 2017

1 - 10 Security Firms That Raised Venture Funding in May 2017
2 - RedLock
3 - Signal Sciences
4 - Vera
5 - Attivo
6 - Karamba
7 - Mocana
8 - CrowdStrike
9 - Aporeto
10 - Tanium
11 - CounterTack
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10 Security Firms That Raised Venture Funding in May 2017

With cyber-attacks like WannaCry once again raising awareness about cyber-security, the demand for defensive technologies continues to grow. In May 2017 multiple cyber-security vendors raised new funding to help support as well as grow their technology and go-to-market efforts. Among the biggest funding raises this month were two separate $100 million rounds, with one for CrowdStrike which is using the funding to grow its technology and the other for Tanium, which is using the funding to give money back to employees and private shareholders. The Internet of Things remains a hot area of cyber-security investment with Mocana raising $11 million for its embedded security technology and Karamba raising $12 million for its automotive cyber-security technology. In this slideshow eWEEK takes a look at ten security vendors that raised money in May 2017.

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RedLock's primary platform is called Cloud 360 and aims to provide security for public cloud infrastructure.

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Signal Sciences

Also on May 9, Signal Sciences announced its $15 million Series B round of funding.Signal Sciences was founded in 2014 and publicly launched its first platform in 2015. The company's objective was to take lessons learned in the field by its founders and building a security platform that defends against real-world threats.

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Data security vendor Vera also announced new funding on May 9, with a $15 million strategic investment. Vera has positioned itself as a data-centric security vendor that aims to help organizations deal with regulatory compliance.

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Deception technology vendor Attivo announced that it closed a $15 million Series B round of funding on May 10 to help support customer demand and global expansion.

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On May 16, automotive security vendor Karamba Security announced a $12 million Series B round of funding. Karamba's mission is to help secure connected and autonomous vehicles.

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Internet of Things security vendor Mocana announced an $11 million round of funding on May 16, in a bid to help further advance its mission of directly integrating security into embedded IoT devices.

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Security vendor CrowdStrike announced a $100 million Series D round of funding on May 17. The new funding round follows high-profile security incidents including the hack on the Democratic National Committee in which CrowdStrike was called in to help remediate.

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Container security vendor Aporeto announced an $11.2 million Series A round of funding on May 18 to help the company advance its commercial and open-source container and Kubernetes security efforts.

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Next generation security vendor Tanium announced a $100 million round on May 25. CEO Orion Hindawi explained to eWEEK that the new round is not about funding future operations, rather it's about enabling existing shareholders and employees, including co-founder David Hindawi, Orion's father, an opportunity to cash out some of their equity in the company.

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On May 30, CounterTack announced a $20 million Series D round of funding to help advance the development of the company's Endpoint Threat Platform.