10 Ways Automation Bolsters Security, Efficiency in Enterprise Data Centers

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10 Ways Automation Bolsters Security, Efficiency in Enterprise Data Centers

by Chris Preimesberger

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With business process orchestration, organizations can be sure that proper security measures and processes are in place. For example, mobile devices??íalways present significant security risks. Having automated security processes in place??ífor data movement among all employees is??íimportant??íin securing the entire??íorganization.??í

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Prepares Enterprise for Inevitable SecurityIncidents

There are some things that every company can count on when it comes to security incidents: a lost mobile device in the cab or an employee unknowingly downloading confidential information onto a USB drive. Process orchestration allows IT managers to??íprepare for such incidents by??íhaving security responses already in place.

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Orchestrates and Automates Redundant Tasks

Automation technology orchestrates the day-to-day tasks associated with IT and business processes, increasing efficiency and productivity. IT managers are then free to keep up with advances in technology and remediate problems when they occur.

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A company's security process may seem foolproof on paper, but if room is left for human error and missteps, that process may be useless. By implementing process orchestration, IT managers can have more confidence and peace of mind regarding the security of their organizations' information.

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AllocatesScarceResources More Effectively

In these tough economic times, a lack of resources is??íreality for??ímany organizations. Process orchestration allows proper and effective allocation of IT and business resources and can help break down silos across an organization so that resources are used properly.

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IT administrators are tasked with keeping all of an organization's systems compliant with the various standards that exist today. By using process orchestration, IT managers can better comply with governance and regulatory mandates.

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With the increase in compliance requirements, there is also an increase in the need for corporate accountability. Process orchestration provides automated audits and built-in paper trails, enforcing the standards and requirements currently governing both human and automated activities.

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CoordinatesDisparateBusiness Systems

Integrating different parts of an organization and unifying their distinct capabilities can be challenging. Process orchestration is a valuable tool for enabling and simplifying that process, joining business systems that were previously disconnected.

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If there is one thing that is constant, it is change, and organizations are faced with changes every day. Organizational changes and process improvement can be streamlined using process orchestration, making such transitions easier??ífor all employees involved.

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When organizations do not have automated processes in place, common tasks can take hours, or even days, to complete. Process automation assists IT managers in enhancing collaboration and eliminating procedural bottlenecks for a variety of business operations, such as document review and vacation approval.

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