AlgoSec Releases Security Management Suite 6.3

The latest version of AlgoSec's security management suite integrates the company's Firewall Analyzer and FireFlow technology.

Network security specialist AlgoSec announced version 6.3 of its Security Management Suite, which extends support to a wider breadth of network security devices and offers deeper automation capabilities to streamline firewall operations.

The suite integrates the company's Firewall Analyzer and FireFlow technologies to address the challenges of managing security policies by automating policy analysis and change management. Pricing for the platform starts at $10,000.

The platform also provides support for the Application Control and Identity Awareness Software Blades on the Check Point R75 platform, as well as complete policy analysis for McAfee Firewall Enterprise, SideWinder edition. This latest version offers automation of firewall operations through the automatic generation of Cisco ACL commands, as well as actionable and integrated change recommendations for tightening overly permissive firewall rules.

"Enterprise networks are getting more complex, and so are the firewalls and related technologies that secure them. The evidence of this complexity is usually having multiple brands of firewalls, and those firewalls have large and complex policies," Gartner analyst, Greg Young said in a prepared statement. "Actionable policy analysis and automation provide enterprises with the necessary visibility of what is actually going on in their networks and allow them to maintain viable and sound security policies and firewall configurations over time."

Additional features in the most recent release are AlgoSec's Intelligent Policy Tuner, which now provides actionable rule modification recommendations to minimize risk from a misconfigured rule base, and the platform now provides visualization of traffic routing through the network on an interactive topology map. Rounding out the package is enhanced multi-domain support with FireFlow, which provides managed security service providers (MSSPs) and larger enterprises with improved segregation of change workflows for different domains.

FireFlow helps align operations and security teams by automating the change lifecycle-from submission and design to risk analysis, implementation, validation and audit. FireFlow supports traditional and next-generation firewalls, as well as secure Web gateways, and integrates with existing service desk ticketing systems and can be customized to match each organization's specific business processes to reduce the time required to process change requests, improve the accuracy of processed changes, and simplify auditing and ensure compliance and corporate governance.

"Today's demanding and complex business and IT environment requires increased automation of security policy management," Avishai Wool, chief technology officer of AlgoSec, said in a prepared statement. "AlgoSec is driven to provide more workflow automation and deeper policy analysis to help enterprises reduce the complexity of managing their security policy across the broadest set of security devices and technologies."