Apple Unveils New Privacy Rules for US Customers

Today’s topics include Apple rolling out GDPR-like features for its users, and financial services embracing open source to gain an edge in innovation.

When Europe’s General Data Privacy Regulation took effect in May, Apple promised its users in other areas, notably the United States, that it would provide similar services this year. As of Oct. 17, that time has come.

Apple customers can download the data that Apple has on them simply by asking, just like Apple customers in Europe have been able to do since May.

Apple also has been tightening its privacy restrictions in other areas, such as by requiring all its developers to have a privacy policy that can be shared with customers. Apple is tightening restrictions on the information developers can obtain from devices, and the company has tightened the rules under which it will share data after receiving a government request or a court order.

At the Linux Foundation's inaugural Open FinTech Forum in New York City, attendees got a chance to discuss the latest state of open-source adoption and the extent that open-source strategies are changing financial service businesses.

Banks essentially have tech businesses inside of them because customers demanded more control of their finances through online and mobile applications.

"The pressure to innovate is solved by open source," said Jagadesh Gadiyaram, head of open source for Capital One. "We are way past the days where we have to build everything from scratch. There's code out there to start from and build scaffolding around that gives you access to innovative ideas as well as features that accelerate your time to value. It gives you a head start on building stuff you care about faster. If you embrace it and understand it and know how to utilize it, you can really get ahead," he said.