Apple, Verizon, Amazon Score Low Marks on User Data Protection

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Apple, Verizon, Amazon Score Low Marks on User Data Protection

by Nathan Eddy

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Google Goes to Bat for You

Google has published figures regarding National Security Letters, secretive government demands for user information that are typically accompanied by gag orders.

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Foursquare Checks a New Box

More companies are also fighting for user privacy on Capitol Hill as part of the Digital Due Process Coalition, including Foursquare.

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Cable Giant Comcast Improves

Comcast has significantly improved its practices and policies concerning government access to user data, according to the report.

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Facebook Could Keep Your Data Better Protected

While many companies have made strides in the past couple of years, there's plenty of room for improvement at Facebook, which has yet to publish a transparency report.

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Microsoft Fights for Your Rights

Microsoft has helped advance the public's understanding of government power by publishing general information about the numbers of National Security Letters it has been issued.

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Apple's Data-Protection Policies: Rotten

The iPhone manufacturer received just one star out of six for fighting for users' privacy rights in Congress.

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Verizon Fails to Garner Any Stars

erizon was one of two companies that failed to receive any stars for their data-protection policies—the once-mighty MySpace also received no stars.

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Twitter Aces the Test

Microblogging site Twitter was deemed very helpful at protecting user data from the government, receiving stars in every category.

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Dropbox Keeps Your Stuff Safe

The cloud-based file-sharing site Dropbox also received high marks, getting stars in every category, except fighting for users' privacy rights in the courts.

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Amazon Rates on the Low End

Amazon received just two stars, and the company does not publish transparency reports or tell users about government data requests.

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