Arbor Networks Enhances Security Products for ISPs

Peakflow SP 3.6 beefs up network security features so ISPs can better detect and deal with threats to their networks, Arbor Networks said.

Security vendor Arbor Networks has upgraded its Peakflow SP platform with new features to help ISPs detect and mitigate threats to their networks.

Included in the new Peakflow SP 3.6 are Flow Sensor and Threat Management System products that company officials said combine to provide cost-effective visibility across many routers and router interfaces in a single console as well deep packet inspection that helps to quickly address security threats.

The Flow Sensor device is aimed at addressing challenges that arise at the customer edge of large ISP networks because of increases in the number of routers and the cost of deployment, Arbor officials said.

The Flow Sensor device makes traffic engineering decisions more intelligent and improves security by detecting and mitigating customer-to-customer attack traffic, officials said.

"Traditionally, providers have locked down their peering edge with Peakflow and left the customer to protect the edge of the network," said Paul Morville, vice president of product management, in an interview with eWEEK.

"However, with the growth of infrastructure attacks, were seeing a demand for greater security in the cloud and thats driving providers to protect the customer edge infrastructure.

Morville added that for a large provider, it is important to protect both parts of the network, because many attacks come from inside the provider network and dont transit across the peering edge.

"Peakflow SP FS provides comprehensive protection against virulent internal attacks, such as distributed DoS attacks or worm outbreaks," he said.

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The new version of Arbors Threat Management System scales up to OC-192 speeds for network-wide deployment and provides application-layer visibility into IP and MPLS networks, adding to Arbor Peakflow SPs existing abilities to assess security network-wide, Arbor officials said.

"Rather than deploying, maintaining and accessing discrete tools, service providers can cost-effectively deploy one solution to meet their diverse security and traffic engineering needs," said Rob Malan, chief technology officer at Arbor Networks in a statement.

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