Arbor Updates DoS Security Tool

Security vendor adds new data collection capabilities to its Peakflow DoS software and announces partnership with security consultant @stake.

Arbor Networks Inc. on Monday released the new version of its Peakflow DoS security software and announced a partnership with security consultant @stake Inc.

Peakflow DoS is Arbors flagship product and is designed to defend against denial-of-service attacks. The new release, Version 1.5, delivers new data collection capabilities and gives users several new views of the anomaly data that it collects.

Peakflow now passively collects network data from any type of network gear. The new release also includes improved filtering techniques, which enable administrators to break each anomaly down into the individual protocols or look at how it is affecting each specific router.

The new features were added as the result of feedback Arbor received from large-scale deployments at several regional Internet service providers that deploy Peakflow at large peering points, including links with Internet2 and Cable & Wireless Inc.

"These are some of the largest peering points on the Internet, so we know the solution can handle large amounts of traffic," said Ted Julian, chief strategist at Arbor, based in Waltham, Mass.

Arbors new partnership with @stake is a natural progression for the two companies. Julian helped start @stake before moving on to co-found Arbor, and the Cambridge, Mass., consultants have tested Peakflow DoS to verify some of Arbors data.

The two companies will market joint solutions and consulting services.